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. >> police received a call to respond to 22 14th street in the city of charlottesville for what was reported at the time as a possible alcohol overdose. patrol officers arrived on the scene. it was quickly apparent to them that this young lady was the victim of something far worse. there were obvious physical injuries to her body, which prompted them to immediately secure the crime scene, contact investigators, detectives and forensic personnel from the department. >> alcohol overdose? this woman was murdered. and murdered brutally. a young life cut short in the prime of her life. take a look. a star lacrosse athlete at uva. one of the best schools in the country. out to courteney stuart, senior editor at "the hook" joining us via skype from charlottesville. what happened, courteney? >> well, we got word yesterday that there was a student that had passed away. at first it was presented as they were saying earlier, a possible alcohol overdose. by the middle of the day yesterday, they had announced her name and also the arrest of george huguely. both, of course, lacrosse players. then over the
the university of virginia officials shortly. aaron gilchrist has the latest on this from charlottesville. >> reporter: the university of virginia campus is one that is dealing with a lot of pain tonight. lot of disbelief as well about what happened here in the early hours of monday morning. the murder of yeardley love. 22-year-old lacrosse player here the university and so to begin the healing process, student council here as well as university of organized a vij hail will happen at 8:00 tonight and at the amphitheater at the end of the lawn at uva. when they are hope sing they are going to have 2,0003 thousand students come here. other members of the university community as well. larger charlottesville community. coming up to the amphitheater and begin the healing process. a few students will speak, the university president will speak as well. and then there will be a candle lighting. music played. sing a song familiar to all uva students and you a lump fly. part of the process of carrying on tradition and begin the healing process after what happened here on monday morning. 22-year-old
, no doubt, is down around charlottesville right now. those are severe thunderstorms down in that area and eventually to lynchburg, virginia. we will have the holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> looking forward to that. >>> before you hit the road this holiday weekend, let's get a live look at how things are moving. a live look 495 at 7 location road. traffic is heavy there. in virginia, on the right-hand side of your screen, 395 at edsall doesn't look too bad. you can log on 24/7 to see the network of traffic cameras and the latest on construction and road closures. police will be out in full force. >>> you may want to stay away from this. a huge link hole in the northbound lanes of annandale road. the storms opened up this major hole and damaged underground cables. the road is open but there is work being done through the area. take it easy. >>> we are following a developing story in southeast d.c. right now. police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon on hillside road. a man was shot in the leg and rushed to the hospital where he died from
of attending. yeardley love murdered in her charlottesville apartment. george huguely also a talented lacrosse player is now charged with her murder. the campus down in charlottesville is trying to come to grips with what happened there. abc2 news' sherrie johnson is there live. >> reporter: good morning, megan. yeardley love was a standout lacrosse player here in towson. now yesterday, detectives in charlottesville found her body in her offcampus apartment just after 2:00 in the morning. now uva men's lacrosse player, george huguely is charged with first-degree murder. tim longo says the two did have a relationship in the past. love's roommate discovered her body with major physical trauma, but no weapon turned up. the university student body president says everyone is trying to cope as best they can. >> it is shocking. actually i think for most students, it's not an easy thing. hopefully we'll be able to get through it. >> now yeardley love said in an interview, i had wanted to play lacrosse at virginia since i was little. so coming here was like a dream come true. now according to espn,
in court this morning in charlottesville, virginia. if we are there with the latest. >> 22-year-old made his first court appearance in charlottesville this morning, and charged with first-degree murder in connection with the good death of 22-year-old yeardley love, both of them playing for lacrosse teams. parents and the stepfather of george huguely or in the courtroom this morning. they rushed out without notice. george huguely wearing a striped jail jumpsuit had only to say thank you, your honor, when he was dismissed. all the talking was done by his defense attorney, a local in charlottesville. she said the situation is a tragic mistake. >> we're confident miss love's death was an accident with a tragic outcome. >> the commonwealth attorney had no comment about what was going to happen next. if there is in administrative hearing on june 10. george huguely has resigned from being a student at university and will be held without bond in jail. abc 7 news reporting. >> thank you. also, president obama is speaking out about the arrest of a suspect accused of trying to set off a bomb in new
. >> it was the university of virginia commencement in charlottesville. >> it is also a day to celebrate you and your achievement. >> the graduating senior was supposed to be in this class, and she was supposed to be on the field of play when her lacrosse team lost in the n.c.a.a. tournament. instead, 18, a community, and a family have been forced into a hard date from which there is enormous -- instead, a team, a community, and a family have been forced into a hard it -- heartache, from which there is no escape. harrold boyfriend, also a lacrosse player, is charged. this time, there was a posthumous degree accepted by a loved one -- her boyfriend -- hurt old boyfriend, also a lacrosse player, is charged -- her old boyfriend. >> yardley loved. -- love. >> the uva president john casteen went down a long list of memories that they will likely hold here long after they leave charlottesville. live in a satellite center, jay korff, abc7 news. >> all right, thanks a lot, n.j. -- life in the satellite center. >>> b.p. is being given an ultimatum tonight -- live in the satellite center. >> all right, thanks
hearts after one of their alumni was found murdered in charlottesville, virginia. >> we vowed to pray for each other. >> while following her passion for lacrosse to the university of virginia, she was a fourth- year student. her body was found around 2:00 a.m. monday. >> it was quickly apparent to them that this young lady was the victim of something far worse. >> investigators closed in on ms. love's onetime boyfriend, george huguely, and charged him with first-degree murder. he is a fourth-year cuvier lacrosse player. -- uva lacrosse player. >> our shock and concern and disappointment is magnified by the fact that she was murdered by one of our own. >> detectives did not find a weapon in the apartment. the expect the autopsy to reveal how she died. >> she was goodness epitomized and had a sense of humor to go along with the sense of goodness and sweetness that you look and say to yourself, "i don't think i will have the pleasure of teaching or coaching another child anywhere close to that." >> she was so outgoing and friendly. >> i am sure it will be really hard, but i am sure it wi
system by carrier. >> 11 sports. >> good morning. an emotional day in charlottesville, virginia. the woman's lacrosse team play towson, their first game since the early love. a moment of silence before the game. her mother, sharon, in the crowd. casey went to st. paul's in baltimore. her sister also on hand. bridging it in white. when-0. -- virginia it in white. 1-0. another score for virginia. numberone was yeardley's as virginia winds 14-12. the cavaliers moved on. sharon love on the sideline. what an incredible moment as teammates of yeardley love paying tribute to her mother. an emotional day. back home, at pimlico, horses from saturday's preakness have moved on all over the country, including lookin at lucky. a great stretch run. neither lookin at lucky or super saver will run in the belmont stakes in three weeks. you can say lookin at lucky squeezing through. his trainer said he will gear up for racist later this summer. how about that scene in charlottesville yesterday. hard to put into words. >> thank you. time to get to one of your questions to where water cooler questi
on the campus in charlottesville. >> reporter: brian, it was a moving candlelight vigil here in charlottesville. thousands of people came out. they filled all the seats in the amp theater. then -- amphitheater. then they blanketed the lawn. they were here mourn be the death of yeardley love. at the same time the university is also taking heat for a previous arrest and conviction for her accused killer that the university says it knew nothing about. a sea of candles glowed during the vigil punt waited by the sound -- punctuaged by the sound of sobs grieving yeardley love's death. there was also anger in their voices at how she died. >> she did nothing to deserve to be beaten, to deserve to die. >> reporter: they were here to honor her but they could not ignore what has been a disturbing, confusing and heart wrenching few days good there was no honor in the violent attack that took her life. >> i think it's right to be outraged at this kind of violence. it's just not right. it shouldn't happen. >> reporter: no one said his name but they didn't have to. love's ex-boyfriend a uva lacrosse player is
weeks and 18th of his career. >>> tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame takes to us charlottesville. vat v.a. women's lacrosse team playing its first game since the passing of their team nature yeardley love and they get towson in the first the ncaa tournament. an emotional moment after this game as each member of the team unveils a number one, the jersey worn by yeardley herself. her mother and sister were at the game and it was a very emotional ride for them as well. that's tonight's geico's 15 minutes of fame. >>> decision time a member of the washington freedom.  [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. gestarted at >>> welcome back. the washington freedom on the road against the atlanta beat. the back hill pass. it's 1-0 fre
to the south. temperatures were warmest around cull pepper and charlottesville still hanging on to 86 and 87 degrees. right around montgomery county, clarksburg at 82 degrees. not too bad, though. temperatures towards st. louis at 74. heat for memphis. just a little. there's the pattern we are under right now. little bit of a ridging taking place up into the areas of the midwest. and a weather front that's going to be coming through here, more powerful system than the one that came through this afternoon. that system will approach friday and then sliding through the area on saturday. so some showers, just a few, for early saturday. dip in the jet stream for sunday that will go into probably tuesday of next week. two mild days. then the cooldown that takes us into the beginning of next week. here is the next 48 hours. notice the clouds moving in once again. lit start with sunshine and clouds for tomorrow afternoon. and probably some rain showers coming up about ten cloak p.m. to midnight tomorrow. could be isolated strong storms. as well as early part of saturday and then that front quickly m
is yeardley love. she was found dead in her apartment in charlottesville on monday. aaron gilchrist is in charlottesville with more on this. >> reporter: the quell attorney here has asked the judge to seal all the documents related to george huguely's case. late yesterday a judge did that to all the documents, past and future. this is after the local paper here published a list of all the items that police seized from hug hug's apartment. all that an indication the investigation into yeardley love's death is still very much in the early stages and also, in very sensitive stages. final exams began this morning at the university of virginia. students here seemingly get back to their normal routines. just four days after the gruesome death of 22-year-old lacrosse player yeardley love. the shar lots police police department dedicate ad large team to developing this case. >> after the crime occurred, we started receiving calls and hearing rumors of things that may have occurred before this incident. the detectives are following up on all those to see if these are true and if so, how rele
in charlottesville for many years and having seen many restraining orders issued against people, you get a sense of the ones that are more serious than others. and my question is how come there can't be more done to protect the ones that appear to be really genuinely more serious than others? i know that they can't have around the clock police protection for all the restraining orders issued. it's just not that many police available, but there are cases that you can tell, you know, that this is serious, but yet, you know -- that piece of paper is not going to stop a lot of people. and it doesn't. >> jane, jane in virginia, you as a court reporter have seen it all. >> caller: yes, ma'am. too much. i'm out of it. >> some of my best friends i've ever had have been my court reporters during all those trials when i was a prosecutor. hey, jane in virginia, look what i've got in my hand. look at this. this is all the police work on all the tros back and forth that was filed in this case. you know, i don't understand why it's the way it is. pat brown, weigh in. >> i have a problem with this, too, nancy.
and east of town. and new moisture coming in from the southwest and the charlottesville region. that will be with us as we get in to 6:00, 7:00 hour. on live doppler 9000 hd, i want to switch it over and show you what is happening. and area of rain along i-81 down to charlottesville. south and east of washington now. this is where we see the majority of the action, especially far southern maryland. we go in to anne arundel county around annapolis and severna park in to prince georges county. light to moderate rain showers there. dc is clear but you go to the beltway and pg go oxon hill from lanham and fedex field, upper marlboro, you are seeing light rain showers down 301 through charles county along the bay here, shady side back in to calvert county, dunkirk, chesapeake beach seeing light rain showers but southern maryland and the northern neck -- bill in newland said he had 8/10 of an inch of rain while it is really coming down in st. mary's. deale island over to east and everyone is seeing showers there. looks like we will see some improvement the next three days. today morn
on and regroup. it was an emotional day in charlottesville are. one team, one heart, one love, that is the focus for the virginia women's lacrosse team after the death of teammate yeardley love. playing for the first time since love was murdered earlier this month, today, the cavalier banded together as one, defeating towson in the opening run of the ncaa tournament. with we are in charlottesville, coach julie myer, team in the warmup shot shirt, love's mom in the stands, sharing in the moment of silence before the game. after faceoff, become to the game, the cavs strong. virginia scores the first three goal, the first 126 seconds in. whitaker hagerman with a pass to charlie finnegan, 8-7, uva, at the half. fast forward to the end of the game this game was great. virginia up 13-12, two minutes left. duff passes to finnegan and they completes her hat trick a diving score, cavs win 14-12. a really cool moment here, the players huddle after the game and salute their fallen teammate, an emotional day for head coach julie myers and the cavs. >> i think we are exhausted, drained, feels good whip a gam
a posthumous degree this weekend. surae chinn was in charlottesville when love was given a standing ovation. >> we are celebrating her achievements of the class of 2010. >> reporter: a day that was supposed to be complete joy for the yardly family instead was a day left wondering what could have been. her cousin accepting yardly's diploma. >> yeardley love [ applause ] >> a deafening applause. >> it is very hard to see but very touching. >> reporter: thousands gathered on the lawn at uva to celebrate graduation and pausing to remember four classmates who should have been here today. please join me in a moment of silence to honor these students and their families. please be seated. >> difficult not ending with everyone you started with. >> reporter: for men and women who received their diplomas. >> she is in our hearts and thoughts. >> yeardley love's exboyfriend, fellow senior and lacrosse player george huguely has been charged with her murder. graduating seniors wore white ribbons in solidarity against violence against women. >> it is terrifying. >> beautiful young woman who had everything
will get together for a mass at noon today. on thursday, police went to a charlottesville bar where it's believe the two argued before love was murdered. police are investigating whether to lacrosse players had to pull george huguely away from love in a close encounter. >> he was forcefully acting against her. >> there'll be two viewings today. 2:00 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 9:00. her funeral is tomorrow at the cathedral of mary our queen. we're live in towson, linda sow, abc it news. >> if you check the facebook page, she has 45,000 supporters who have signed up just since the murder. unbelievable. >>> you can read more about the investigation in our slide show on >>> a remotely operated vehicle successfully capped one of the pipes leaking oil in the gulf of mexico as one of ten in critically completing this operation stopping one of the three leaks, now a 100-ton containment box will take a couple days to properly get into position. the process has never been tried at that depth. if it works, bp thinks the box could capture about 85% of the oil threatening sea life and live l
are in place but a couple of those stragglers out towards culpeper, charlottesville. most of the day tomorrow will be dry because high pressure to our north is pumping relatively dry air and at surface so as that moisture comes in a lot of those raindrops will continue to evaporate, but the other side of that coin is that eventually this high pressure's going to lose the battle and that low pressure's going to bring the moisture up from the gulf of mexico, that will bring rain into the area. this is 11:00 tomorrow night, and the steadier showers just back out to our south and west, but by 11:00 monday morning it looks like a wet commute into work and school for a lot of folks on monday morning and then the showers are here for a couple of days. could get a pretty good soaking across the area. could see as much of an inch to an inch and a half of rain between monday morning and dnesday night. sun's up at 5:55 in the morning. wake-up temperatures in the 50s. clouds will lower and thicken during the course of tomorrow and increase, highs tomorrow only in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees, about 7
and thicker and the system gets closer. showers up to charlottesville already and almost to oakland and deparet county. but this rain is coming into some dry air, so it shouldn't make more advances. but during the early morning hours and early afternoon on monday, the atmosphere is going to be getting wetter, and chances for rain are going up. there are chances for thunderstorms down in virginia right now. this is on the way. more on that in a second. as i mentioned, 75 the high of the airport and the inner harbor. the lows, 56 and 61, both of those above the average low, which is 52 degrees. right now, 55 on the eastern shore. salisburyy, 54, to the north of us, york is 53. temperatures holding up a bit here and with clouds moving in, they won't drop off that much. petersburg is 63. charlottesville, 67. the cloud deck puts a blanket on the atmosphere. but we are going to develop, and we are developing a more easterly wind. as the rain comes in from the west and the moisture starts coming in from the atlantic ocean, that means clouds, drizzle and rain chances. then there is this sta
to breaking news right now out of charlottesville on the murder of yeardley love. she's the fourth year student, her boyfriend, george huguely who was also a lacrosse player is charged with first-degree murder. this is a news conference just starting. let's listen in. >> involving direct services to students. he has been in many respects the point person on the work that has been done since yeardley love's murder was discovered. let me retract the word murder, because i'm not saying that, i'm saying death. patricia is the vice president. she has policy responsibility and operational responsibility for the kind of word that allen groves oversees. ict of ahre ih isinof death. and consequently, we work with a combination of professional experience and somewhat related activities and a determined effort to provide the best possible support and service to the family, to our student, faculty members, and so on. i should say second that none of us would say the description of the condition of yeardley love's body when the police entered the apartment is anything other than a constant image in
towards charlottesville. thrntds were down there earlier. looks like it's going to take its time to get here. we have dry air to the northeast. you can see how the showers fall apart. we have a nice thunderstorm towards charlottesville, virginia, and all this activity moving along an area of low pressure that will continue to drag that moisture up from the gulf in to our neck of the woods. definitely you're going to need your embrelas tomorrow and a jacket. it's going to be on the cooler side of things the next couple of days with clouds and showers. 67 in baltimore right now. 64 in haggerstown. for our next-day planner, showers are going to continue to move through the area as we get in to the afternoon. around lunchtime, temperatures around 65 with the rain. i'll have more in my seven-day forecast. >>> well, you remember this last year? preakness 2009. it was remembered by how empty the in-field was. less than 78,000 people turned out last year. this year, a much different picture. attendance was way up in this year, more than 95,000 people came out to enjoy preakness da
's in a charlottesville jail. wbal," 11 news -- george sits in a charlottesville jail. wbal tv 11 news. >> the bottle tax would be levied on containers for soda, beer, and water, but not milk and juice bottles. some have gone on the offensive, airing anti-bottle-tax advertisements. a union has asked for a few more days to crunch numbers. they also want to consider introducing another pension reform bill. city hall contends that the current system is unsustainable. how negotiations are expected to resume later this week. -- the negotiations are expected to resume. the rev. al sharpton. >> we are joined live. >> the rev. al sharpton certainly provided some star power. they say they had the backing, but what they are working on is community support. >> ladies and gentlemen, the rev. al sharpton. [cheers and applause] >> the rev. al sharpton is the invited guest of radio talk show host young. the reverend sharpton. >> if they can find a way to develop casinos, they can find a way to develop simple respect and self-worth and self regard. >> with the help of state and local tax breaks and funding, transforming
their tournament in charlottesville tomorrow. >>> the oil pouring into the gulf of mexico continues to drift closer to shore. authorities are trying to come up with a plan to stop the environmental catastrophe. richard reeve has the latest on the efforts to stop the flow of oil. >> two parts of a device that would siphon oil to the surface failed to link up under water. meanwhile, the oil spill the size of delaware and rhode island combined, 4 billion gallons of oil. it continues dispute at the rate of 200,000 gallons per day. >> we will not rest, we will not take a day off until we get the problem resolved. saturday, a setback. >> they tried to siphon oil to the surface by inserting a tube into the oil well. instead, the parts were not aligning. >> this is the only thing they can do, knowing it may not do much good. >> this is the third plan to try to stop the flow of oil. bp is using chemicals below the ocean's surface to disperse the oil. >> still, there is uncertainty about any plan. >> we wonder what it means, how long it will damage the environment. >> it is damp -- it is business as usual at
's body will be taken to the chief medical examiner's office. her mother is in charlottesville now, meeting with police. >> the game plan is to have our victim witness coordinator meet with her, explain to her where we are in respect to the investigation. >> reporting from is charlottesville, virginia, abc2 news. >>> 6:33 right now. topping a look at news around the nation, a newlywed is killed just days after her wedding. the groom was with her. they were in cliff falls state park in indiana when he was swept away by a water fall. police say the marked path crawled out of a tree and then slipped and fell into the water. not exactly a wild bunch, but some patrons in wisconsin were shocked when a deer ran through the place. the bar goers were watching the milwaukee bucs playoff game. the rally cry for the team is fear the deer and the deer were taken outside. they ran off without any drinkers being hurt. >>> fear the deer. well this guy certainly stopped traffic in texas. naked protest. he wasn't up there for any social or political issues. he lost his job and maybe lost his girlf
in a charlottesville bar the day before she was found dead. friends, classmates and teammates came to a funeral home in towson, maryland, to say good-bye to 22-year-old yeardley love and to help comfort her grieving family. members of the uva women's lacrosse team arrived together in this bus. >> she's a great girl. really one of the most genuinely sweet girls i've ever known. just want to be here to support everyone. >> i just can't believe that something like that could happen, you know, to a nice girl like that. she was a wonderful, wonderful girl. >> i think strength comes from friends, love from friends. and we can only pray for the family of yeardley love. >> reporter: maryland is where love was born and where she learned to play lacrosse can such skill she made the highly competitive university of virginia team. uva is where she met george huguely, the men's lacrosse player, also 22 who is charged with killing her. acquaintances described the two as having a contentious romantic relationship, fueled by huguely's drinking. a summer league teammate told "the new york daily news" that huguely wa
there was an altercation. >> charlottesville police officers first on the scene say love had a large bruise on the right side of her face. >> he admits shaking her. >> love's right eye was swollen shut. >> her head repeatedly hits the wall. >> there were also bruises and scrapes on her chin. >> clearly these are admissions against his own self-interest and they're facts and circumstances that he's going to have to answer to. >> police say details from the autopsy of yeardley love, the university of virginia senior, will not be released until there's an official report from the medical examiner. 22-year-old george huguely is charged with first-degree murder in her death. >> straight out to melissa neeley, news director news talk radio, wchv, joining us from charlottesville. melissa, i understand quite a lot has happened in the last 24 hours. explain. >> yes, ma'am. apparently, they had a warrant that turned up quite a few items in george huguely's apartment. one of them was a university of virginia lacrosse t-shirt with a red stain on it and a letter addressed to yeardley love. >> with us tonight, specia
admitted he kicked in the bedroom door and police found a wound on his leg. today charlottesville police chief provided new details about huguely's demeanor yesterday after his arrest whis hill videotaped interview was cond t conduct. >> he was upset and -- i think he was -- in various times throughout the morning emotional. but by the same token i -- i would characterize his -- his conduct and interaction with the investigators as cooperative. >> was he ever tearful? >> i think that would be a fair characterization. >> reporter: at the university of virginia campus students tried to prepare mentally for upcoming finals while taking time to grieve a loss after young woman described as an angel. they admit it is difficult. >> my professor was trying to process it and you could tell she was getting, you know, teary-eyed a little bit. but it just hit so close to home. >> we had -- vigils and everybody making vigils. faculty. recognizing it. we are taking it much more seriously. community is coming together and trying to reck mize and respond to it properly. >> reporter: now an autopsy is b
and received by her cousin. love was found murdered in her charlottesville apartment may 3rd. her ex boyfriend george huguely has been charged and uva president john casteen wants law enforcement to tell colleges and universities if their students are arrested. that is an idea that has drawn some criticism. >> the many students will be turned away from college campuses because of suspicion. don't forget arrests are not convictions. >> if someone is deemed to be a threat to the community, of course we would want to know about that. but in terms of what impact that might have on our willingness to allow them to continue to go to school here is another matter. and that would be taken on a case-by-case basis. >> reporter: if casteen's push works virginia would be the first state to require law enforcement to notify the university when a student has been arrested. >>> a former tv producer wanted in mexico about the murder of his wife has left the country. bruce redmond has not been charged with a crime so his lawyer says he has returned to los angeles to be with his children and attend to personal
. charlottesville police are collecting evidence. new questions about the suspects violent past. george huguely was arrested in 2008 for resisting arrest. if the campus has gathered to say goodbye to yeardley love. courtney robinson is live in bethesda with more on the story. good morning. >> the story continues to develop. there are reports that george huguely had been violent towards love in the past. his attorney maintains her debt was a tragic accident. >> ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ >> tonight we are gathered to mourn the loss of a beloved member of this university. >> a woman, 22-year-old yeardley love was set to graduate this month, murdered by another virginia student, ex-boyfriend george huguely. >> she deserved nothing that happens to her, not deserving to die. >> officers searched george huguely's apartment, taking a lacrosse t-shirt with a red stain, a letter addressed to love, two apple computers. he stole love's computer, which is a felony. but that would give the jury the authority to impose the death penalty. >> in 2008 in lexington, va., at washington and lee, george huguely alle
of virginia are plan a memorial on campus tonight in charlottesville in honor of a popular lacrosse player who was murdered. yeardley love was dead in her apartment monday. her former boyfriend, george huguely, is charged with the crime. kimberly suiters reports. police are investigating alleges of a violent history between the suspect and victim. >> there's no way that george huguely would do something like that. >> reporter: those are the very first thoughts in michael preston's head. the moment he heard his childhood friend, george huguely, was accused of murder. >> it is devastating. i mean, i can't imagine what his family is going through and even worse, what the -- miss love's familiar sly going through. >> reporter: details of the crime and court records devastating to both families. huguely admitted he was involved in the altercation with love, that he shook her and her head repeatedly hit a wall and kicked his foot through the bedroom door. police found love beaten, bloodied and bruised. some of yeardley love's friends he threatened her in text messages but preston never knew his frie
in charlottesville. meanwhile, investigators are working on new details and confession in the case. nbc's jeff rossen has the latest details now. thousands of students showed up at the candlelight vigil including one. friends that discovered her body this night and a university president couldn't hide his emotion. >> yeardley love did nothing to deserve to be attacked and beaten. >> evidence is piling up against a fellow uv lacrosse star, george huguely. charged with beating love to death. some say over their recent breakup. investigators have recovered new clues against him. inside huguely's apartment, court documents say they found a lacrosse shirt with a red stain it a letter addressed to yeardley. dna samples. this on top of his admission the night of the murder, con effects to police he kicked his right foot through the door that leads to love's bedroom. they got into an altercation and he shook love and her head repeatedly hit the wall. huguely, friends say, had a turbulent romantic relationship with love and attacked her in public just weeks ago. police sources say he may have sent her death t
for news charlottesville, virginia with the latest on this story. >> reporter: that's right. the search warrant documents provide chilling details about the moments leading up to yeardley love's death. her roommate discovered her body early yesterday. george huguely was arrested soon after that and today appeared before a judge for first time. george huguely's mother and stepfather and father left the initial court appearance without comment. the 22-year-old uva lacrosse player that once start at landon school appeared on closed circuit tv dressed in a striped jail jumpsuit. hoougly faces first-degree murder charges in the death of his former girlfriend yeardley love. his attorney says he will show love's death was an accident and not murder. >> when more information becomes available, it is our hope no conclusions be drawn or judgments made about george or his case. however, we are confident that miss love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> reporter: the court documents tell a different story of a brutally beating and an affidavit of that much warrant sa
. charlottesville police rushed to yeardley love's apartment after her roommate called to report an alcohol overdose. instead, police found love was the victim of a homicide. >> patrol officers arrived on the scene. it was quickly apparent to them that this young lady was the victim of something far worse. there were obvious physical injuries to her body. >> reporter: the police chief said it wasn't long before love's one-time boyfriend george huguely was in custody, charged with her murder. while the cause of love's death has not been determined, police say no weapon was involved. huguely was a lacrosse player for the exclusive landon school before joining the top-ranked team. he was the lacrosse co-captain his senior year and also played football. at his parents' bethesda home today, cars filled the driveway. a resident who answered the phone had no comment. yeardley love was also a fourth-year student at uva from suburban baltimore. back in charlottesville, students campus wide are struggling with the news, especially the lacrosse teams. >> the reaction of losing a loved one. mourning, grieving,
yesterday, charlottesville police were called to yardley love's apartment for what was reported a possible alcohol overdose. when officers got there, they found there were physical injuries to the girl's body. police are not saying how love died, only that no weapon was involved. >>> today, d.c. council set to vote on legalizing medical marijuana allowing the chronically ill to buy that. the bill would allow physicians to recommend but not prescribe up to two ounces of marijuana in the 30-day period for patients with chronic debilitating conditions including those with hiv, glaucoma or cancer. fourteen states have already legalized medical marijuana. >>> now to the crisis is a long the gulf coast. today, we should learn whether efforts to stop some of the oil from that sunken rig in the gulf of mexico are working. the massive slick is moving closer to beaches an shore lines. shipping channels are closed tying up cargo vessels. if ships drop off goods like coffee and banana at different ports, you might have to pay more. >>> another large earthquake has struck off of chile's central coast.
. 80 in charlottesville. here is the line. that is where the front has shifted from around the bay west for. that will be the concentration point. here is the current situation. you can see the cloud cover. most of this is west of the day. here is -- most of this is west of the bay. is the boundary. near that boundary come out in the mountains to the west, there is some rain activity just trying to develop. we are slightly into the cooler air coming out of new england now. today, we will see a lot of clouds and maybe some spots east of the bay. 69 to 72 for the highs today. the risk for weather is up to the south and southwest. in the futurecast, it shows the rain developing and the concentration is more in virginia and the mountains down around baltimore. this lasts until tomorrow. by tomorrow evening, everything would dissipate and restart to drive down. sunday looks the best. some the isolated come -- could come on monday. rainshowers on saturday are a possibility towards the morning and afternoon. sunday will be dry. an isolated showers on monday. the seven day forecasted increases
together. she is watching over them. >> george huguely is being held in the charlottesville jail. >> thank you. a pakistani american is in custody in connection with the botched car bombing in new york city. phase will shahzad was arrested as he tried to board a plane to dubai. he is scheduled to appear in court today. >> oil continues to port into the golf this morning. we have the latest from louisiana. -- oil continues to pour into the gulf. >> a project to build mass of thees to try to cap gushing oil well. an attempt to do that can be days away. >> no one has attempted to do this before. >> so continues to contain the slick. the movement has slowed for now. the volume of oil is still growing. most think it's arrival on land is all but inevitable. >> it will not comment as one big blob. >> however it comes in, it could spell devastation. worked theseo have waters -- >> we looked at them like role models. you go out there and you lay it on the line. that is what we want to do. >> it is now like watching a slow-motion nightmare as the oil creeps closer and worked tries to stop the flow.
with killing his girlfriend. we're live in charlottesville with the very latest. >> yeardley's family is beginning -- planning to bury her, and we're learning more about george hugeley. george had separate past run- ins' with the law. some include alcohol fuel rages, including one in florida on the boat with his father. another one, he was taser to get under control. university officials know none of this, spite a school rule for students to report when i have been arrested. >> it is kind of scary. >> police are learning more about his past arrests, they have no reports of previous violence against love. new information continues to come in, including her fear that he was going to kill her. >> it could have been prevented. >> uva officials say that years ago, hugeley attended domestic violence lessons that are required of all students. >> we need to come forward when we have concerns. >> the president of uva has requested a meeting with the governor in virginia saying that he wants to do something about proposing bills to tighten up the loopholes that police agencies all over virginia
at one point. charlottesville police say yeardley love was already dead when rescue workers rushed to her apartment this morning. her roommate called police after she thought love had overdosed on alcohol. detectives learned her body showed signs of physical trauma and determined she had been murdered. hours after the discovery police arrested george huguely, and member of the men's lacrosse team. he had a stellar career of playing the cross in high- school and was once featured by abc 7 news in 2004. he is now sitting in jail. >> what ever happened is terrible. i honestly have no idea what to say. it is nauseating. >> because this is such a complicated time academically, i hope they can find a way to balance things out in a way that leaves them in a good place. i don't know how long that will take. i hope the university can help them through that. >> back here live come up we are about one week away from finals at uva. this drama is unfolding. grief counselors have been brought in for yeardley love's friends. we don't know the details as to how she was killed, but no weapons were involve
in charlottesville have reportedly collected new evidence against the you via a student accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend -- the uva student. there is new scrutiny of george huguely's violent past. courtney robinson has more. >> an officer at washington university claims more than a year ago she had used a taser on george huguely as he threatened to kill her in a drunken rage. all of this coming to light as officers in charlottesville have discovered new evidence and the campus was gathering to remember a life lost too soon. it was an emotional tribute. >> tonight we are gathered to mourn the loss of a beloved member of this university. >> 22-road yeardley love set to graduate this month. officers say she was murdered by another senior and ex-boyfriend george huguely. >> yeardley love did nothing to deserve to be attacked and beaten, to deserve to suffer injuries, to deserve to die. >> hours before the vigil, officers searched george huguely's apartment taking the university lacrosse team charged with a red stain, addressed to love, two apple laptop computers. he claimed that he stole of's co
and southern parts of the shenandoah valley south of winchester down toward charlottesville and harrisonburg and stanton. does not include the d.c. metro area but indicative we have rain our way. nothing downtown, showers to us are moving into the stanton and harrisonburg area, southern shenandoah county. bus stop weather in the morning, cloudy and rain moving in. if you don't need the umbrellas in the morning, kids, don't be fooled. you will need them by the time the day is done. 7-day forecast coming up. >> thanks. >>> dozens killed in bangkok and the government says the crackdown will continue a column of black smoke loomed over thailand's capital today. anti-government protesters set fire to tires that served as a barricade to their encampment in bangkok. the government says 60 people have been killed in two months, protest. roughly half of those kill have had been killed since thursday. a government spokesman says thai troops are not using weapons to crack down on civilians are but are targeting what he calls armed terrorists. among the demonstrators. >>> europe's busiest airport, londo
her. startling new revelations from the charlottesville police department. they're coming forward with accounts of gorgeous huguely's jealous rages and allocations he sent love death threats before he killed her. we're starting to hear things that are red flag like and we're having to go about finding out, is it true and isn't it? and if it is, when did they know this. >> he admits shaking love and her head hitting the wall of the bathroom repeatedly. her lawyers insist it was an accident and legal experts say this could be hard to overcome. >> it seems like it's a tough case for the defense and the question, how much can defense council mitigate the harm. >> reporter: the university's president spoke to students at a recent vigil. >> i hope for yearly and -- yeardley and for you, that her dying inspires an anger, a sense of out rage that no one need ever fear for safety. >> reporter: those who knew her are struggling to cope and hoping this is going to help them to heal. she was a sweet heart and her family was amazing. i can't imagine what they're going through. >> reporter: the
of her off-campus apartment n court documents, charlottesville investigators say she was found in a pool of blood face down on her pillow. a large bruise on the right side of her face. yeardley's right sigh aye swollen shut. she had bruises and scrapes to her children. police say the door to love's bedroom was forced open, had a hole in it. in the documents, her accused killer and one-time boyfriend george huguely reportedly admits kicking in the bedroom door and shaking yeardley so that her head repeatedly hit the wall. but huguely's attorney says it was all an accident. >> we are confident that ms. love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> reporter: leaving the courthouse from left to right, that is george huguely's father, mother and stepfather. they had nothing to say to reporters. from yeardley love's high school lacrosse coach. >> there was not a mean bone in her body. she was goodness. >> reporter: another haunting question, how this superstar athlete with a prep school pedigree could become an accused murderer. this his mug shot snapped shortly after
close to that. >> george huguely is being held in a charlottesville jail. back to you. >> a man has pleaded guilty to an accident that took the life of a high school football player. david erdman was charged with negligent manslaughter. the crash killed 17-year-old steven dankos who was thrown from the truck. police say erdman had been drinking prior to the crash. in prince george's county, three people have been taken into custody for the murder of a d.c. principle. artura otey williams is charged with murder in the death of brian betts. police believe they set him up for a robbery that turned deadly. >> anytime you make a contact with someone over the internet that you do not know, there is always the risk that you arrange a meeting. it has been arranged as a social networking chat line. >> police found a fingerprint evidence at the crime. the mother of one suspect is creditd of using betts' card. >> medical examiners have not carpintieri said how not was killed but they have ruled his death a homicide. authorities received a call to say he did not show up for church services. he
huguely from the accused murderer now in police custody in charlottesville. they grew up next door to george and his younger sister. they still see lacrosse backstops. >> it is tragic. just awful. >> the honor roll graduate is charged with killing his ex- girlfriend yeardley love only yesterday. friends say he was a big guy, more than 200 lbs., and very competitive, but not violent. >> it was not george that night. that was somebody that had taken over. that was not him. that is all i can figure. >> he comes from all longtime washingtonians family whose money is rooted in the lumber and building supply company. his father -- has been embroiled in lawsuits over deals gone bad. since his parents' divorce, and he has lived with his mother nearby. now those who know him and wonder what went wrong. george huguely's childhood buddy george we know ist wonderful and smart and a gifted athlete. he is a close and dear friend. we all love him and always will. >>> we will go back live to charlottesville for the latest on the murder investigation. tonight on abc news at 6:00. you can read more
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